Wine tasting with wine consultant Blaurock

Why are the most expensive wines in the world cuvées? Find out more here!

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours (accompanying the evening meal)
  • Location: at the hotel or in our Waldhäusle
  • Persons: min. 8 participants
  • Costs: individual, according to wine tasting
    The wines are charged as consumed.
Let Andreas Blaurock lure you into the world of wine!
Your wine tasting session at our hotel could look like this:
After a joint aperitif at the bar or in the restaurant, the wines selected in advance are tasted together with the respective menu or buffet. Mr. Blaurock introduces you to winegrowing, the characteristics of the selected wines, and viniculture.
For wine connoisseurs, the origin of a cuvée can be made a topic of focus. To this end, the basic wines of the individual casks directly from the winegrower are made use of. The tasting session participants taste the basic wines and determine how much of which basic wine is to go into the cuvée. Thus the individual cuvée comes into being. For the participants, it becomes a major wow experience, as the basic wines taste completely different to the cuvée that has been created. Here, it can be well explained why the world’s most expensive wines are cuvées and why it is not without reason that the French speak of the marriage of wines.

About Andreas Blaurock

Andreas Blaurock, born in 1966, a winegrower and graduate agricultural engineer, was active in leading positions of the national and international wine industry. Finally as the director of the well-known winegrowing estate Schloss Reinhartshausen, one of Germany’s largest private winegrowing estates. Today, with his company he advises winegrowing estates and winegrower cooperatives and operates a specialist wine business with his wife Nicole. His wine tasting sessions, a mix of information and entertainment, provide a tongue-in-cheek account of the world of wine and viniculture.