The Education Center in Altensteig

Best foundations. Best education.

With the move into the modernized Altensteig Education Center, DEKRA completes the triumvirate of the DEKRA Education Centers Altensteig and Wart in the northern Black Forest. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment testing and measuring materials in line with the DEKRA quality standard, the best opportunities are thus created for practice-oriented and activity-based vocational training and further education.

Training rooms with modern equipment and six practical vocational training modules with a theme-based structure await the technical experts. Short distances to the adjacent theory rooms ensure efficient training methods. Additionally, experts have the opportunity to become certified by the IfS. A cafeteria with modern furnishings caters to physical wellbeing during the breaks in a pleasant atmosphere. The accommodation at the DEKRA Hotel Sonnenbühl promises relaxation during the courses.

Facts & figures

  • Total: 7 training rooms, thereof 3 central and 2 separable
  • Training capacity: up to 110 participants
  • Administrative building: surface area proportion 600 m2
  • 6 vocational training modules for the practical vocational training
  • surface area proportion 1,000 m2
  • IfS certification check
  • Connection to and use of the Bühler commercial vehicles specialist workshop, specialized in crane and special structures
  • Separate parking lot
  • Modern cafeteria
  • Accommodation opportunity at the DEKRA Congresshotel Wart

Theory class wing

In seven classrooms, which adjoin the management wing, up to max. 110 participants can be trained at the same time. In addition to a large lecture room offering space for up to 60 people, there are various rooms with space for groups of 6 to 24 participants.
The basic surveyors’ training is carried out here largely in small groups

Technology and damage survey

On a large workshop area there are three lifting platforms as well as a highly modern stand for chassis measurement. In addition to the damage survey and calculation of vehicles involved in accidents, above all current vehicle technology is trained here directly. Diagnosis of car body and chassis damage is also practiced here with the participants. Using further available diagnostic equipment, driver assistant systems, among other things, are checked and diagnosed. A glazed classroom is integrated into the technology area to go directly deeper into theoretical aspects.

Two-wheelers – diagnosis and repair

The two-wheeler area is found on an area of approximately 35 m2. A special motorcycle lifting platform forms the focal point of this section. With a 3D measuring system for motorcycles as well a special roller feeler gage, damage can be diagnosed on almost all two-wheelers here. Two-wheelers that have been involved in accidents are, of course, also on hand so that damage surveys can be practiced on these vehicles.

Hail/photo area

The training of diagnosis and damage survey on hail-damaged vehicles takes place in a specially separated area. A “hail tent” flooded with neon light forms the focal point of this section. The sectional gate in this area was coated with a special film to create the ideal light conditions. Here, seminar participants are also trained in the optimal photography specially for diagnostic and damage images.

Painting area

The training hall has a highly modern painting facility. The heart of the entire painting area is a glazed Sehon painting booth. The special feature of this booth is, in part, that vehicles can enter via a ramp and this ramp can then be raised hydraulically. The front area of the painting section is provided for the preparation of vehicles and car body parts to be painted. This part is also equipped with a large-scale extraction system, as well as state-of-the-art “grinding stations”. In the rear part is the paint mixing room, which is also glazed. Using state-of-the-art equipment, the participants find out everything here about mixing and shading in connection with modern vehicles.

Car body area

The car body department is located on an area of 260 m2. Two modern straightening and measuring systems with right angles and for universal measurement form the core of this area. Additionally, a scissor lift for the diagnosis as well as disassembly and assembly of the vehicles involved in accidents is permanently integrated. State-of-the-art tools and devices from the entire car body range, such as the Miracle dent removal system and an induction dent removal system newly introduced to the market, are used here. A glazed training room is also integrated in the rear part. Next to it is a small parts store and a section equipped with very special remodeling machines for producing and modifying car body parts.

Recreational/commercial vehicle area

In this part of the training hall, the practical training in the recreational vehicle and commercial vehicle area is carried out. Thanks to two Roller width up gates with a large-scale design, vehicles, including semitrailers, can be maneuvered without any problem. A special truck lifting platform is set up in one of the two parts of the hall. In addition to the training in trucks and recreational vehicles, the practical training in agricultural machines and special vehicles also takes place here.

Range of training courses according to basics of motor vehicle technology:

  • General law and insurance law
  • Road traffic law
  • Basics of calculation and expert report preparation
  • Car body technology and measurement
  • Vehicle painting technology