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About us

Catering & Event Service Wart

Large and small parties allow no dress rehearsals Your wedding will be wonderful. Trust the event partner with the “That was fantastic guarantee.”

8 reasons for our Catering Service:

  • We maintain an overview.

    Successful catering consists of more than the sum of its parts. These must also fit together. You do not need to think of all the details – we do this for you.

  • We offer variety.

    Whatever topic, country, or culture your wishes revolve around, we put together the suitable service for your party.

  • We have routine.

    Often, one plans celebrations for the 1st time. Therefore, it is not easy to make the right decisions. The overflow of information makes it increasingly difficult for lay persons to find the ideal offer. We very gladly support you here thanks to our years of experience.

  • We are motivated.

    Challenge us. We look forward to new & unusual projects.

  • We have a large range at hand.

    Why obtain equipment, drinks, food etc. from individual companies and thus have more work, when you can obtain everything from one source? We have a large selection for you in our range!

  • We are flexible.

    Have you noticed, just a few days before your planned celebration, that you have forgotten to organize something, or you would like to change something? No problem – we will find the suitable solution.

  • We are honest.

    Do you want a special celebration in a special location? Should everything meet your wishes? We see it precisely that way as well. Nevertheless, if we have concerns in one area or another, we will honestly communicate it to you. In the end, nothing is to be overlooked and a complete success is to be achieved.

  • We offer quality.

    Our goods are obtained from regional dealers. We place great importance on supporting smaller companies as well. One can taste the difference between the goods of large dealers and those of private dealers. As soon as the local circumstances permit it, our food will be regenerated at the event venue and passed on to your guests, freshly prepared.