Free Sale and Snack Cart

We are your on-site restaurant

At trade fairs, at club parties, at street parties, or at sale events, with our mobile restaurant we deliver the culinary contribution to the success of any event.
Our customers and partners leave the site to us without having to worry about a thing. We finance ourselves from independent sale and, as your on-site restaurant, we guarantee you satisfied guests with our tried-and-tested service quality.

The main ingredient of the secret recipe for a good mood is a highly motivated service team. We sit right at the top of the good mood barometer.

When the bigger solution should be smaller

Our food truck has long been a regular feature of countless outdoor events in the region between the state capital, the Swabian Alb and the northern Black Forest.
With bratwurst and saddle of pork steak on the grill and professional staff, we set an example in terms of delicious snack culture. From the "Rennwurst" to the "Festtags-Schnitzelweck", we are in the lead for public favour.

Among all modern finger food delicacies, the German classic asserts its leading role when it comes to small appetites.