Domino Rallye

  • Duration: min. 60 minutes
  • Location: in and around the DEKRA Congresshotel Wart
  • Persons: 20 to 1,000 persons
  • Costs: on request
Who has the coolest idea? Who builds the most creative courses? Who is most skillful with lego bricks? In the “Domino Rallye,” team work in your own team but also collaboration with the other teams is required. It is not just calm hands in using the lightweight bricks that are called for; some will also need to have an overview of the entire project. Prove your ability to work in a team! Free your mind, become creative, and create with your team a large domino image, e.g. in the form of your logo.
By the way, with the Domino Rallye we are weather-independent. The event is suitable for 20-1,000 people and lasts for at least one hour. Experienced team guides lead the groups.