Apprenticeship at DEKRA Congresshotel Wart

You will find our apprenticed trades here:

Hotel clerk

Are you friendly and enjoy working with people?

These are your responsibilities as a hotel clerk:
  • Receiving and advising guests at the hotel reception
  • Helping foreign guests in English
  • Supporting guests throughout their stay at the hotel
  • Marketing the hotel and its events
  • Advertising the hotel
  • Selling and serving food and drinks in the restaurant
  • Issuing quotes and invoices and managing the hotel accounts
  • Managing events
  • Preparing and checking guest rooms
  • Planning personnel deployment
Hotel clerk with additional qualification in bar management/Europe qualification
Hospitality specialist

Hotel clerk with additional qualification in hotel management

Anyone who would like to be trained as a hotel clerk can complete the additional qualification in hotel management at the same time. Additional qualifications create the opportunity to lay the foundation for your future career during the apprenticeship.

  • Desire to pursue an apprenticeship as a hotel clerk
  • High school leaving certificate or advanced technical college entrance qualification
  • Major personal commitment
Those who opt for the additional qualification...
  • receive the professional designation of hotel clerk with an additional qualification in hotel management
  • can begin the apprenticeship only in the fall → final examination on the summer date
  • does not have German studies, social studies or Religious Education at State Professional College, but instead management in the hospitality industry, e.g. HR, accounting, IT, law, and job-related foreign languages (English, French, and Spanish)
  • has two final examinations
Chef with additional qualification in kitchen and service management
Dual course of study in hotel and catering management for 2020
Dual course of study in exhibition, conference, and event management for 2021