The Education Center in Wart

With two test roads for trucks and one for cars, equipped with state-of-the-art test engineering, the new building now offers an ideal environment for training the future DEKRA test engineers.

Testing Services

Legal specifications regulate the activities of experts. The issue of authorizations and qualifications is tied to conditions. For example, training is tied to content-related specifications of the legislator in the form of official curricula. In the Testing Services business division, events for the following areas are offered in the education program:
  • Test engineers of the officially recognized monitoring organization
  • Officially recognized experts of the technical test center
  • Employees of the Assessment Center for Driving Suitability
The events of the Technical Service are also shown in this chapter. The events are assigned to the basic training as well as the further training of the employees and documented in training certificates. The further training sessions are statistically evaluated annually and communicated to the competent authorities with the audit reports.
The compulsory training as well as defined exchanges of experience are to be carried out in the calendar year.
Apprenticed trades
  • Test engineer
  • Officially recognized expert
  • Officially recognized tester