About the Joggel

"Zum Joggel" 1814 to present

D’r Joggel, the occupant and name-giver of the then farmer’s house, was an “old original” and was synonymous with Wenden. It is thanks to him that the guesthouse exists today.

The building from 1814 was still used for agricultural purposes until 1960 and later, when it came to be in need of renovation, it was modernized with great care. In 2004, it was opened as a guesthouse for the first time. With the use of modern elements, the renovation united the original character with fresh hospitality.

Enjoyment at the Joggel

On our menu you will traditionally find regional specialties complemented by seasonal dishes or set meals and lovingly cooked. Additionally, we offer refreshing drinks, coffee specialties, as well as teas, a selection of schnapps, and more. At the weekend, you have the chance to enjoy delicious cakes or an original Black Forest gateau.

Homely hospitality

The conversion of the barn into a guest space brought forth the names of our various “nooks and crannies.” The “hay barn” is on the gallery and can be reached via a staircase. Here there is space for up to 30 people. The “barn,” the ground-level area in the Joggel, houses the counter, our Bullerjan – a wooden stove – and approximately 28 seats. The “Kear” used to be used to store products including cider and potatoes and now offers space for up to 16 people. In the summertime, the cozy beer garden offers a further 40 seats in the middle of idyllic Wenden.