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Our environmental concept


Take a deep breath. Fresh, cool forest air, along with the quiet swooshing of the treetops on the peacefully located Warter Plateau, the aroma of lush green, the long view across the countryside. You are in the middle of a natural setting and, in addition, in a nature-characterized, sustainably ambitious conference location. Sustainability can be a big topic – or a very simple, active philosophy: creating wellbeing from natural sources, arranging relaxation and enjoyment with a long-term effect, dealing respectfully with the treasures of nature, and working in a socially sustainable environment. That is what we do at the DEKRA Congresshotel Wart: with a strictly certified ecological concept, with carefully chosen partners and offers, without compromising on comfort. The effect is measurable: in the efficiency and alignment of your event!

Business meets GREEN Hospitality.

Our sustainability objectives

Protect the region

The lively and healthy nature and the inherent natural beauty of the northern Black Forest are the greatest of our region’s riches. We want to contribute to ensuring that this treasure is discovered again and again every day and is nevertheless well preserved.

Set New Standards

We want to show that MICE and ecology can go hand in hand and that sustainability can also be achieved in the conference hotel industry. Taking the idea further: As one of the few sustainably certified conference hotels, we simultaneously want to set impulses beyond the borders of our region, create networks, share experience, and gain new fellow campaigners.

Your contribution is important to us

Come by train

Coming by train is mostly more environmentally friendly than coming by car. Please contact us if you would like a transfer from the train station. You may receive prices for the shuttle to the hotel on request.

Stay attentive

In you room you will find a few more environment tips for your time at the hotel. Stay curious and interested and move attentively through our natural landscape - you will no doubt repeatedly find new opportunities to contribute to the preservation of this dream landscape. Thanks!

Our sustainability projects

  • We are continuing to try to convert all light sources to an LED basis, aiming to do so by 2023 at the latest.
  • Use of heat pumps to operate the heating systems
  • Connection to a remote heat network fed completely by energy of a wood chip combined heat and power plant.
  • Use of motion detectors in all hotel areas in order to control the light sources more efficiently.
  • Conversion of the entire food area to energy-saving “regenerative cooking systems.”
  • No swimming pools or spa areas – only fitness rooms and saunas will provide for wellbeing at the location.
  • By 2023, we want to have a confirmed CO2 footprint made and operate on a largely climate-neutral basis.

  • Visible increase in the regional purchasing partners by at least 25%.
  • Adjustment of the product range by a higher proportion of the organic products for the gastronomic areas.
  • In the long term, Fairtrade and FSC products are to become standard in the shopping basket.
  • Modern purchasing management will continue to be promoted externally and will successfully advance the sustainability of purchasing.

  • Introduction of a work group “Sustainability at the DEKRA Congresshotel Wart Location.”
  • The digital guest information will be supplied with information on our environmental concept.
  • Our employees are trained once a year on the topic “sustainable working.”

  • Reduction of waste by 15% within the next 3 years – To this end, we are introducing a sustainable waste system with a connection to social projects.
  • Waste separation is being optimized.
  • We will work with certified disposal firms on an increased basis.
  • We are converting internal paper traffic into environmentally friendly paper products.
  • Overall, we will continue to reduce paper consumption.
  • In terms of purchasing, we are trying to focus more on large containers and to use less outer packaging.

  • Introduction of 2 electric vehicle charging stations for external and internal vehicles.
  • Expansion of the electric fleet on site.

Our certification

We are proud that the recognized company “Greensign” Infracert has tested our hotel and has calculated sustainability level 4 for our location from a total of 5 sustainability levels. We are thus among the environmentally oriented hotels in the northern Black Forest and are able not just to carry out your future events professionally and effectively, but even to enhance them sustainably according to environmental specifications.

Our Certificates.