Conference rooms

Since conferences are not all the same, FLEXIBILITY is emphasized

Large spectacle in the Europe Hall, business lounges, and exhibition spaces in the foyers.

Board meetings and workshop groups in the smaller rooms. Test stretches and outdoor areas just outside the front door. All undisturbed and without undesired observers.
This is often how it is at the DEKRA Congress Center Wart.

The equipment of the event rooms:

  • Daylight, dimmable, and good ventilation.
  • Some rooms offer individually controllable air-conditioning.
  • Safety notices and simple escape routes.
  • Basic technology, such as projectors or TV screens, screens, sockets, and WiFi availability.
  • Coffee and drink points nearby.
  • Good signage, adapted to your wishes.

Our conference rooms are particularly suitable for these event types:

  • Open space meetings
  • Annual conferences of companies, associations, parties, and other organizations.
  • Sales conferences of high-selling industries.
  • Car, truck, and machine presentations for dealers, employees, and press or customers.
  • Small and large exhibitions in which the focus is on exchange between the industry community. People meet and exchange ideas on the DEKRA campus.
  • Congresses, meetings, and conferences, large and small training events and seminars.
  • More and more interactive events, such as open space meetings and bar camps.
  • Celebratory events for anniversaries, staff and customer parties, and private celebrations, such as weddings, birthdays, and family meets, with participants from throughout Germany.

Here is the ground plan for a quick overview: