Beer tasting with Doc´s Bier

Not just for men

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Location: Hotel, Waldhäusle or guesthouse "Zum Joggel"
  • Persons: min. 10 participants
  • Costs: € 19,50 per person
  • Journey lump sum: approx. € 30.00
Additional consumption outside of the tasting is charged according to consumption.
Andreas Weber brews beer, not in a large brewery, but on a small, noble scale in a 100 l brew kettle. Whether Pils, export, lager, wheat, Kölsch, Irish stout or smoked beer, design your beer with your label. Personalize your beer as a small piece of memorabilia for your employees/customers.
At the beer tasting session, six different beer varieties are offered, of which four varieties come in flip-top bottles and two in oak casks with a traditional Bavarian tapping (each 21 l) and additionally in flip-top bottles. As memory aids for the beer tasters, table cards with a brief description of the varieties are set up. Illustrative material, such as different malts, hops, airlocks, is set up on a table at the beer depot.
Approx. 30 minutes before dinner, the beer tasting begins with the tapping of the first oak barrel. This is followed by a talk on the history of beer and brewing. The beer varieties are characterised and described. During the talk, the first variety (pale lager) can be served. After the talk is finished, the second oak barrel (dark beer) is tapped.
After the first variety is handed out, dinner begins. During the meal, the dark beer is served. So as to cause as little interruption as possible to the rest of dinner, bottles of the remaining four varieties may be distributed across the tables or set out at the beer station so that each person can continue with the beer tasting at their own pace. A description of the beers is also on display. Dr Weber is available to answer any questions and to talk throughout the course of the whole evening.
After the beer tasting, draft beer is provided for further consumption. If demand is greater than the barrel’s capacity, the bottle reserve can be used. Bottled beer is charged separately.
To remember.
Have your company’s logo printed on the label of the beer bottles. As a surprise, a bottle with your logo can be distributed to each participant’s hotel room during the beer tasting! (Prices on request)